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Who is GMS? GMS represents the GreatMillStone spoken about in the bible. It is a symbol of judgement sent by The Most High. The Most High sends his judgement through his prophets beforehand and that is who WE are; preparing the way for the Second coming of The SON of the Living Power as John the baptist and the disciples have in before times.
Is the Kingom of heaven for Everybody? No! The ideology that the kingdom of heaven is for everybody is falsehood and a lie. Christ came for ONE nation, the nation of ISRAEL only. Israel was scattered by The Most High through all corners of the earth and therefore is resides among all nations where they were born and learned.
Chariot Pri habeo ubique te, no ius gubergren deseruisse, per ut quot virtute. Et sit falli error intellegebat, ad eos etiam tamquam platonem. Id qui molestie efficiendi. Ne error fabellas mea, has cu tempor aeterno noluisse, ex quo verear perpetua adipiscing.
America Destroyed Pri habeo ubique te, no ius gubergren deseruisse, per ut quot virtute. Et sit falli error intellegebat, ad eos etiam tamquam platonem. Id qui molestie efficiendi. Ne error fabellas mea, has cu tempor aeterno noluisse, ex quo verear perpetua adipiscing.
Yahawashi Pri habeo ubique te, no ius gubergren deseruisse, per ut quot virtute. Et sit falli error intellegebat, ad eos etiam tamquam platonem. Id qui molestie efficiendi. Ne error fabellas mea, has cu tempor aeterno noluisse, ex quo verear perpetua adipiscing.

Elder Tahar
When they shall say peace and safety.....
Cum ne eruditi omittam dignissim, nec te clita causae lucilius. At ius hinc prodesset, et nec nemore diceret. Vim ubique dolorem probatus in, appareat voluptatum ea mei, possim diceret et has. At eos convenire torquatos, vis no aperiri sadipscing. Insolens efficiendi eloquentiam ut quo, eam debet vocent ne.
Elder Gabar
They shall be willing in the day of our power....
Cum ne eruditi omittam dignissim, nec te clita causae lucilius. At ius hinc prodesset, et nec nemore diceret. Vim ubique dolorem probatus in, appareat voluptatum ea mei, possim diceret et has. At eos convenire torquatos, vis no aperiri sadipscing. Insolens efficiendi eloquentiam ut quo, eam debet vocent ne.
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